Car Fleet


We possess the modern Mercedes taxi cars, thanks to which your trip with us from the airports in Bielice and Pyrzowice will pass quickly and comfortably. These are Mercedes vehicles from cars to minibuses, which may take more passengers, and if your group is even bigger, we also have a comfortable tourist bus. All vehicles are fully adapted for business trips, and we are certain that they fulfil your expectations.
We invite you to make yourself acquainted with our vehicles:


E-class Mercedes

Comfortable car, perfect for two people. This car is designed for business trips, during which you can relax, but also work. It is equipped with the four-zone air conditioning and with 8 airbags, ESP, ABS, ASR and DVD.


Mercedes Viano/Vito

Estate car designed for business groups of several people. It can transport up to eight passengers. Each seating position is equipped with separate air-conditioning, DVD player and cup holder, and seatbacks are adjustable.


Mercedes Vito

The car us designed for business groups of several people. It has eight seating positions. All of them have adjustable seats and are equipped with separate air conditioning, DVD and cup holders.


Vip-class Mercerdes Sprinter

If your business group will consist of a dozen or more people, we will invite you to the higher-standard Mercedes Sprinter, designed specifically for VIP-class. It's a minibus, which can transport up to 19 passengers.


Man Lions bus

Man Lions is a comfortable and luxurious business-class bus, which we will offer you if your group consists of 20 or more people. The advantage of this bus are very comfortable seats and much room for passengers, and thanks to that, even longer trips pass very quickly and comfortably.