About Us


We are offering business transports since 2001. Almost fifteen years of experience guarantees the high quality of our services, and, what's most important, it also guarantees things that are of the highest importance for our demanding Customer: punctuality, high speed of transport and certainty of ordered service.


After making a reservation of business transport, the rest is up to us and you have nothing to worry about. On a specified hour we will be waiting for you in the terminal at the airport, in the hotel in front of the reception desk, or wherever you will order the transport from.


We know how important the comfort of ride is for you, that's why all cars we possess are VIP class. We offer both, single transports and transports of large groups up to 49 people. If you want to see the fleet of our cars, we invite you here.


We have the licence to transport people as a taxi corporation in Cracow. At the same time we are not like a classic taxi and we focus on a demanding business customer. Our drivers are professional and dressed with class. They know how to arrive safety and on time no matter what the road conditions are. Those people are fluently speaking English, so you can always ask them for help.


We invite you to use our services. Our business taxi offers VIP transport from the airports in Cracow and Katowice on the area of the whole provinces of Śląsk and Małopolska to other larger cities of Poland, and also to Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, and Prague.